Ranch Update

Breaking Ground

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.  Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on solid bedrock.”  (Matthew 7:24-25 NLT)

We opened our first two homes on April 13, 2009.  We welcomed five siblings: two brothers and three sisters.  Since that day, we have loved thirty-eight children and reunified twelve families.   Our mission is and always will be to provide a loving Christian home and family for hurting children. 

In the fall of 2014, we received a $400,000 donation from Cash Express.  The donation was given to help jumpstart a campaign to build, furnish, fill and support an additional two homes for boys and girls.  A few things had to be in place before starting this process.  We hired a Development Director and we contracted with Brandsmith Creative out of Nashville to help us create our Seed Sower Capital Campaign to raise the necessary funds to build and sustain the new homes for a minimum of 3 years after completion. 

On April 13, 2017, our 3 girls, Alaina, Grace and Jaida who are now 14, 12 and 10, received the honor of breaking ground for the two new homes.  We are very excited to eventually welcome 16 additional children, two new sets of house parents and one case worker to our MSR family.  Our new homes will be open by the Spring of 2018!  Children are healing, overcoming and finding themselves in Christ and through His love.  Thanks to our amazing community of friends for believing in us and supporting our ministry.  We have come a long way in a short period of time.  We give God all the glory for the success of Mustard Seed Ranch and know that He will continue providing so that we can continue providing a family for our children. 

Letter From the Director

Favor from the Lord can bring restoration of every thing that the Enemy has stolen or is trying to steal.  "The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.  My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life."  (John 10:10) NLT. God is always able to turn a bad situation into a good one if we allow it and we are faithful to His will.

Lee came to Mustard Seed Ranch when he was 11 years old.  For the first years of his life, he was hurt badly by the people who should be protecting him and loving him the most.  Most would wonder how in the world he could ever overcome, trust and even love...this all sounds insurmountable doesn't it?  Lee came to Mustard Seed Ranch very scared, he didn't want others to hug him or touch him for obvious reasons.  He couldn't read because no one took the time to teach him and he hardly spoke.  Lee soon found the love of Christ through his house parents Greg and Kim Julian, who gave him time, respect and grace to breathe and know that he was safe and that no one would ever hurt him again!  Many of us would have a deep bitterness for what Lee went through.  Lee's mother was a victim of domestic violence herself, she didn't think she was strong enough to take her children away from the abuse they were enduring.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be to forgive and then put tremendous effort into creating new relationships with your mother as an adult knowing all of that?  Lee was able to forgive her and sought to create a loving relationship with her.  Lee has found what true love is, he has found true forgiveness and he has found that through God's love you can overcome any obstacle.  Lee is not an angry young man being released in the world with all the baggage from his past that every person in his life from this point forward will have to "deal" with.  Lee is graduating high school, he is a conqueror and to be quite honest with you, an example for us all to live by.  

The favor of the Lord can also be placed on our lives because we have faith, we forgive and we love.  My prayer for each of you is that you are able to read Lee's story and let love absolutely consume your hearts.  Let Lee's story give you the strength you need to overcome whatever obstacle is in your path.  Let Lee's story inspire you to seek those who have wronged you or those you have wronged and make it right.  Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for so many of you who support MSR.  However, when you see Lee's pictures, that is the thank you that you deserve. You are helping us bring Christ to our children, what could be any better than that???

P.S.  I asked Lee for his permission to share his story. He said, “I would be honored if you shared my story, if it helps people Mrs. Tammy that’s all that is important.”

God bless you all,
Tammy Depperschmidt
Executive Director