Our Mission

To help children heal from their past and build the foundation for a promising future through a nurturing family environment and a focus on Christian values.


About MSR 

Mustard Seed Ranch (MSR) is a community-sponsored, interdenominational Christian ministry designed to take children out of unsafe environments and into loving, nurturing homes.  Out of the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual support each child receives, seeds of hope begin to take root. In time, each child becomes empowered to overcome limiting cycles of behavior and replace them with an understanding of God's abundant purpose for their life. 


Our Program

More than just a safe place, Mustard Seed Ranch provides a highly personalized approach to help children heal from their past and build the foundation for a promising future. Like any good parent, we get to really know our children – who they are inside, their fears, their hopes, their talents, their dreams. We build our parenting and teaching around their unique needs using a range of social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual learning programs. 

Our Family 

We are blessed to live in Middle Tennessee. Many of us here share a vision of a safe, caring community where our families can live, learn, and grow together. We value faith and family, and we feel every child within our community should have a chance to experience both. Together, we have put our arms around the opportunity, and we have helped change young lives.  Like the African proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child,” we have embraced the challenge. We have dreamed together. We have worked together. We have prayed together. We have given these children a path for hope. Through that journey, we have built an even greater sense of community. We are family.  


Ways to Help

Thank you for your interest in joining the work we are doing at Mustard Seed Ranch. While our staff and volunteers work hard to care for the children, we couldn't do what we do without your help. Whether you have a little extra time, materials, hand-me-downs or money to share, we offer a variety of support options from which to choose.