Our Success

Fertile Ground

Mustard Seed Ranch is now in its 9th year of operation, which is remarkable considering less than 5 percent of similar programs survive to their 4th year. Not only are we surviving, we're thriving. The success we are having with our children is so uniquely positive, Mustard Seed Ranch is one of the State's preferred Residential Licensed Child Care Agencies.

  • 51 children have experienced a safe and nurturing home environment

  • 22 children have committed their lives to Christ

  • We are debt free and ready to help more children

Bearing Fruit

As a result of your faith and generosity, all of our children have been changed for the better. They see there is good in the world. They see they can make a change in their lives. They have begun to trust in others, in themselves, in Christ. 

“Out of the 300 licensed child care facilities in the state of Tennessee, Mustard Seed Ranch is one of our very best. MSR is a top notch program. I wish other facilities could emulate what you are doing for children.”

– Mark Anderson, Licensing Director - Tennessee Department of Children's Services