Our Vision

His Greater Vision

Because so much of Mustard Seed Ranch is God-led, our vision goes as far as He has led us, which has been farther than any of us could have seen.

We see a ranch that provides a stable home for children who have never experienced a nurturing family environment, a future of hope for children who never had a chance.

We see a community that has put it's arms around these children and opened its resources to this dream, a community that has found great blessing in the giving.  

We see children emerging into light, children fortified with faith, knowledge, and strength of character. 

Sure, we can imagine even more homes, more children, more hope rekindled. We can even imagine planting more ranches. But, we will leave that to God's calling and timing. Right now, we know we are called to build homes 4 and 5; that is our focus; that is our vision.