Meet Caleb

About Caleb

Age: 13
Hobbies: Basketball, horses & skateboarding

My favorite memory at Mustard Seed Ranch is my first day. I went to my new room and there was a note on my bed from my little brother, Clay. He said that he was so happy that he was going to have a big brother for the first time in his life. I love being a big brother.

My house parents are Daniel and Dusti Brooks. They are really great people. They are always lifting me up when I really need it. I hear from so many people that I look like their actual son; I feel like I am their son. They have taught me how to have a relationship with God and how to love Him like he loves me.

The Ranch has changed my life so much. I used to be a really big punk, I would get really mad over stupid stuff. I didn’t know how to control my anger, because I didn’t know where it was coming from. I have learned that my anger comes from things that have happened to me in my past. I am learning how to be the person I want to really be. I love the Ranch and everyone here!