Seed Sowers

Raise Funds & Awareness

Our Seed Sowers are the businesses, churches and individuals that have given their financial support and in-kind donations to make the Mustard Seed Ranch dream a wonderful reality. Their vision and generosity are absolutely essential to Mustard Seed Ranch's growth. 

The Ranch has touched the lives of 30 children forever, because of our Seed Sowers' contributions. Now, we have an opportunity to change 16 more lives. We are asking our Seed Sower to help us raise the capital funds necessary to build and maintain home 4 and 5.

While for us it is important to show our appreciation to you for your support, we also understand that news of your generous contributions primes the community for additional involvement in our Seed Sowers campaign. We have an extensive support community that is growing everyday. We can’t wait to share our progress through key media channels as we move closer to our goal.

If you or your business/organization would like to become a Seed Sower, please contact us at (931) 525-7333.