Letter to Ben

Wow! How time moves so fast! You were just 12 years old when Kim and I met with you for the first time.  We had just met with two other boys before we met with you. We only had one opening in our home and three boys to choose from. Although we chose you, I can’t help to think about the other two young boys and where they are today. I can only hope that they have turned out to be like you. I am so proud of the Godly man you have become. As you have grown up at the Ranch, I have seen your heart mold into a servant heart. On many occasions, I have seen you give up your own self-desires for the desires of others. The memories we have shared together hunting, fishing, playing sports and ministering to others are priceless and I will cherish forever. I look forward to making several more memories in the years to come. You are my Daddy's Buddy forever.

Love Ya,