Letter to Lee

It has been 8 years since Kim, Rachel and I first saw you in Nashville with our first visit. It was there that we saw a little boy that just needed a family to love him. We knew from day one that you were the perfect child for the Ranch. I told you years ago that the experience on the Ranch was going to be a trip of a lifetime and one we would never forget. It’s been all of that plus some. We have enjoyed days on the baseball field, basketball court, football field, in the woods, at the lake and on mission trips. Through this journey, Kim and I have built a relationship with you that only a mother and father could have with a Son. You don't have our name but you will ALWAYS have our heart. I am so proud of the Godly young man you have become. I look forward to seeing the Godly husband and father in you someday.  I am excited about the next chapter in your life and the role Kim and I will play in it. This is not the end of our journey together it’s just the beginning.

Love Ya,